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My Photo Gallery

Look at my new online photo album filled with pictures from my concerts, sporting events, and my family.

  Rockin Rogues             Sun Fiesta                     Rockin Rogues sketch

Moving Target heats up Sharkys

Becky gets 'em goin'

Gettin' down at O'leary's

Dan at Tommy Rockers, Las Vegas

Tommy Rockers, Las Vegas

Cortez Kitchen

Moving Target with Jeff Dillon

The Hood

Dan on LeBarge

Tapwater Conchs at Fantasy Fest

Moving Target


Moving Target

crowd having a good time!

Moving Target

Get Down!

Wedding at Sarasota Sailing Squadron

Wedding at SSS 2

Sailing to Mustique


Picking Smokey's nose. I don't think he'll mind.....


At age 19.

Moving Target

Bring down the house.




Look out for that.......gurgle...gurgle.

Moving Target at Cortez Kitchen

Moving Target with Jeff Adams